Sally Face Without Mask

The key to our present and future is hidden in our past. Events that happened to us many years ago can still echo in our thoughts and actions. And if you are good at psychoanalysis, you can restore that thread and change everything by gaining a valuable insight into your suppressed memories. This is just what you are about to do in Sally Face. This amazing adventure game will take you through the memories of a small boy who wakes up in the hospital, his face covered in bandages, without any idea of what happened to him. Your task is to walk him down the memory lane and restore the events of your painful past, one by one. You are going to investigate Sally’s traumatizing experiences and solve tricky puzzles to collect all the clues you need to unravel the ultimate mystery of his life. You’ll meet many exciting characters – for instance, a hermit handing out tea or a poltergeist living in one of the rooms of your apartment. These episodes may seem short and not so important, but moments like this actually make up the essence of the game. Follow them attentively to figure out what this all is about and find a key opening another door in Sally’s intriguing story. The game has three chapters, with the fourth already in development, so there are many hours of gameplay waiting for you in Sally Face without mask!

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