Animation Meme Compilation

Sally Face is a grim quest with a main hero that may seem pretty unusual at first. This is a small boy with blue pigtails. At the first glance, you may even think this is a girl, but then you learn the name of this miniature person with a face concealed by bandages, probably after some surgery, because the story starts at the hospital, is named Sally. The game tells you a story of his life, and this story isn’t a light one. What’s wrong with him and how he got here is a huge mystery that you are going to reveal. Trying to get his memory back, Sally sets up a meeting with a psychotherapist and together they take a mind trip to his childhood. You’ll see everything that happened to Sally from his very early memories to the present day. But the journey won’t be that short. You are going to face all the unpleasant, sometimes even painful events that took place in Sally’s life. Follow them carefully, don’t miss out on anything because it all makes sense in psychotherapy, even characters and episodes that are clearly imaginable in Sally Face Animation Meme Compilation.

You’ll see the mysterious boy to school, you will walk together and encounter very serious issues and hardships that won’t be so easy to resolve as it may look on the surface. Don’t expect anything  traditional and ordinary. The kid’s psyche is full of symbols that should be interpreted in a certain way and, if understood correctly, they will lead you to answers. The graphics and atmosphere is very captivating, you can easily imagine yourself a participant of those events and relate to what Sally could have felt back then. Make sure to turn on the music, because without the background sounds, noises and effects you won’t get complete immersion into the gameplay. Help Sally remember what brought him to the hospital and puzzle together his fragmented memories! Find out what awaits the hero in the end of the game!

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