Sally Face Episode 6

Many people underestimate psychology. And quite wrong. It’s a great way to look into one’s mind and find out what’s happening there. Deep inside there are memories from our childhood buried under the weight of everyday troubles. But that doesn’t mean they don’t affect us, even though we may not realize it. Bringing up those memories, no matter how painful and gloomy they are, is the key to understanding your personality. And this is just the task you have at hand playing Sally Face. The main hero is a troubled teenager who wears a strange mask on his face. The game doesn’t tell us what happened to him, we should discover that on our own completing quests and solving puzzles as we travel through Sally’s memories down the road of his past. You’ll find out the story of our character, in the smallest details. Some of the things you’ll see will definitely look like they are not real. But, after all, a kid’s brain is capable of making up stuff that’s hard to imagine for us, grownups. Every event you will witness contains a hidden meaning. You should decipher it following the storyline and picking up clues surrounding you. This won’t be easy and only the most attentive and smart player will be able to put two and two together and solve all the riddles developers have prepared for you. Play Sally Face online and reveal the creepy mystery behind the mask in Episode 6!

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