Sally Face 2

‘Hey, great mask!’ you hear from your neighbor. You dryly answer that it’s a prosthesis. That the camera moves in on your gloomy visage, frozen in the same expression, and for a disturbing few seconds all you can see is those black holes in the place of your eyes. This is just one of the numerous creepy scenes Sally Face if full of. This indie side-scroller combining quest and puzzle was made by Portable Moose and has quickly become popular online. The game is an unsettling adventure into the tortured mind of a teenage guy with a painful past who moves into a new home, explores his surroundings, makes friends and encounters problems that are common for a teenager, on one hand, and way beyond what a common teenager experiences, on the other. Your goal is to put together fragments of Sally’s life and find out the root of his troubles.

The game is announced to arrive in five episodes, three already launched. And from what we already know about it, Portable Moose did a great job in keeping us on edge, eager to find out what’s waiting for us – and, of course, Sally – in the next episode. The story keeps twisting its way in the most unexpected manner and leaves you wanting to play yet another minute to see how things end. And since the ending is always left open, you can barely wait until the next episode arrives. Don’t forget, there are two more scheduled for the following years!

Just like many other horrors, Sally Face starts in a spooky hospital. You come to your senses in a white gown, with your face fully bandaged and blood-stained. Right after that your father calls and tells you where to meet him. This is the first puzzle you have to solve – making it out of the hospital. The mood of the game is defined rather really on. You start remembering things from your past concerting your parents mixed with some bloody writings foretelling something sinister. Events from your present are intertwined with your childhood memories and nightmares. Can you unravel the entanglements of Sally’s psyche and reveal the mystery of his mask? There is just one way to do that – play the game online!

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