Sally Face 2019

How well do you remember your childhood? Most of us can only restore a few events from their early years in their memory. But what if those memories are crucial to unraveling the secret of your entire life? In Sally Face, each memory counts, even the smallest one. You are going to act as Sally’s psychotherapist helping a weird boy in a mask disguising his face to piece together the events of his life in an effort to find out what happened to him. The game is broken into several episodes. It will take you about an hour to complete each episode and solve all the puzzles it contains. Although Sally Face is drawn as a cartoon, don’t be deceived by its kiddish animation. The events that are going on in the game tell a rather gloomy story. You’ll see Sally’s troubles and problems, meet various characters and follow the path of his life from his very early childhood to his present years. Some events might seem not so important to you, but don’t underestimate them. Even the tiniest details could matter, so pay close attention to everything you see on the screen. Only then you will find the key leading to the next level. And only then you will be able to reveal the ultimate mystery of Sally’s life – why he is wearing that mask. Play this amazing game online and unravel the secrets hidden under the prothesis covering the main hero’s face!

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