Sally Face Chapter 5

Sally Face Chapter 5 is a very dark and very strange game, the animation of which hints at a cartoon about a girl with blue tails, but in fact destroys this assumption to hell. The adventure quest is released by the developers of Portable Moose. It tells us the dark story of a boy (according to the screenshots, your first thought will probably be this is a girl) with bizarre-colored hair and a prosthesis on his face. The game consists of several small episodes, each taking no more than 1-2 hours of gameplay.

Despite the fact that the word “quest” is indicated in the genre of the game, passing it will not require much effort to solve the puzzles. They are mostly easy and monotonous. This gives rise to the feeling that the game was still created for children. Here, the emphasis is generally not on solving puzzles, but on the atmosphere and plot. And the plot is pretty good and interesting. As you progress through, you will gradually learn, as always, the secrets of the protagonist. The tasks will guide you through Sally’s past filled with events that can’t be called very pleasant, although sometimes you will meet rather curious and entertaining characters doing something unimaginable.

Sally Face is a grim animated series with unexpected and eerie plot twists. It will probably remind you of a cartoon about Lenore and the game Fran Bow (of course, if you watched and played them). It is incomprehensible, gloomy, and its whole atmosphere hints that a Tim Burton fan put his hands on the graphics and story. You will get three to four hours of good gameplay. A nice option to kill time and enjoy the plot!

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