Imagine that you woke up alone in a hospital. Twilight reigns in the room, and, touching your face, you find bandages that envelop you after surgery. Completely not understanding what is happening, you hear a phone call. The voice of your father is heard from the receiver, that’s for sure! But …. What strange things is he saying? The call is interrupted … Following along a strange corridor, you find your father. What a relief, he will say what happens. You run up to him and call him: “Dad, Dad!” And what do you hear in response? “You are not my son. My son is not a murderer”… However, here your awful dream is interrupted and you are again transported to the room where you tell the doctor about it. What is the story you tell him, Sally Fisher? About this you can learn from the game Sally Face.

The game is divided into episodes, each being part of the adult Sally’s story (the main character of the game) about his past, from childhood through to adulthood. At the moment there are 3 episodes of the game available, in the foreseeable future, the release of the 4th is expected, and the developers say that the game will have 5 episodes. The final episode will dot all the i’s, put all pieces of the puzzle together and finally clue us in on what’s happening in the main character’s life.

As for the process of the game itself, despite its apparent simplicity, it game certainly has a peculiar, intriguing atmosphere and contains many different puzzles that the player will have to solve in order to learn new details from the past of the main character. There are many other characters you will meet. Although outwardly they may seem usual, you will find out that each of them has their own oddities, which can then be learned during the game.

Sally Face is definitely a game that gets you involved in the process. Drawing, plot, characters – it’s all very atmospheric and makes you plunge into the gameplay headlong. Particularly pleasing is the fact that each episode leaves us with a bit of mystery, which makes us look forward to a new part of the game. It should also be noted that the music is simply gorgeous! If you play without music, you will not feel the whole atmosphere, because the game is full of various elements of mysticism and chorus – without sound effects and with such a style of drawing you can’t feel the situation until the end, and some episodes can make your heart leap. Play Sally Face online and check it out for yourself!

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