Sally Face Chapter 4

If you still haven’t played Sally Face Chapter 4, it’s time to fix this! Discover the thrilling story of a teenage guy wearing a strange mask that completely covers his face. There are no clues telling you what happened, you’ll have to reveal all secrets on your own. And this is what makes people so addicted to this game. You kind of follow the life of the main hero, share his troubles and discoveries and gradually get involved in everything that goes on. But you’re not just dragged along, you take active part in the gameplay solving puzzles and piecing Sally’s memories together to figure out what happened to him in the past. And most important, why he wears a mask on his face.

The story is unusual and tricky. You’ll meet a bunch of curious characters with interesting biographies. At the first glance, Sally and his friends are just common teenagers hanging out together, attending to their usual stuff. But from the very first minutes you can’t but notice small oddities that make you interested in what this all is about. And then something way weird happens and you realize this game is more than just some guy’s story. Unexpected turns of events will keep you glued to your smartphone screen. The episodes always end on the most interesting spot. This motivates you to look forward to another episode wondering what happens next. The game also features screamers and supernatural forces.

It should be mentioned separately that the graphics is very well made, with its own style. This adds uniqueness to the game and helps to convey the psychedelic atmosphere. Although the heroes are drawn rather cartoonish, they appear very real, very alive. There is special charm in the way everything looks here. The same goes for sound. It allows you to experience a hundred of emotions. Especially when ghosts appear – this can really make your hair stand on end. In general, Sally Face is a highly intriguing and captivating game. You won’t regret spending hours playing it online!

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