Mystical, creepy, intriguing, exciting – this is only portion of what can be described as Sally Face with cheats. The game is divided into several episodes, and the work on them was very painstaking. Steve Gebri (the developer) even occasionally wanted to surrender: to quit everything and close the game, but at the right moments the community gave him strength and moral support; and he continued to work. Sally Face turned out more than just “good” – it turned out juicy, bloody, sometimes disgusting and, of course, terribly interesting!

The beginning of the story is as vague as possible, hurling the player into the confusion of memories from the main character’s past life, which only slightly lift the veil of secrecy from what is happening. A little further everything becomes much clearer, and now the player already sees the hero in front of him in all his glory. This is a teenage boy named Sally, he has blue hair and a prosthesis on his face, which is necessary for him because of some mysterious circumstances; however, they are not disclosed, although there are many theories among fans of the game, and not only about the real face of Sally. Reveal secrets of the hero’s past, discover what happened to him and solve numerous puzzles to continue your journey through his sullen memories!

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